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Posting new topic/files or replying a request: Please read before post | How to post/upload

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How to post in forum or upload files
Note for Karaoke upload:
Subject: "Song Title"+"Karaoke" ( abcd xyz Karaoke)
Message: Details of the song/Album/Film/Artist
Don't attach multiple karaoke in the same topic.
Don't click the button "Insert Into Post"

To post any new topic/thread:
1: Go to the specific forum/section where you want to post the topic/thread.

[Image: 01.png]

Click on "Post Thread" button to post new topic/thread.

[Image: 02.png]

2: Write an appropriate thread subject which is related to to topic or content. So that everybody can understand what is inside the topic content.
3: Write your messages in the message box. You can use formatting toolbar.

[Image: 03.png]

Posting attachments:
4: If you have anything to attach, click on "Choose File" in attachments area and select the file to attach. The selected file name will be shown beside the button. Now click on "Add Attachment" button and wait until the file being uploaded.  

[Image: 04.png]

After server received the file you attached, page will be refreshed automatically and the file name and size will show at the bottom.
If you have multiple attachments, you have to attach one by one.

[Image: 05.png]

5: Now click on "Post Thread"

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thanks   a lot    

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(26-01-2015, 12:07 PM)asadul1 Wrote: thanks   a lot    

thanks a lot bro ........... Clap

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attachment area pachina

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sawan ke jhulo ne mohammad aziz karaoke shadab mybb

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Assamese karaoke plz add

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